The sun still hadn’t poked its head over the horizon when the first passengers for the Bass Strait Masters began to arrive at Moorabbin Airport. Even a 5:30am start didn’t stop the buzz and excitement for the weekend of golf ahead. An entire year’s hard work by the Vortex team was finally coming to fruition.

Coffee, bacon and egg muffins and the US Masters on TV kept everyone happy as Vortex staff managed to check in 80 passengers and load 14 aircraft full of golf bags and luggage.

With the entire Vortex fleet, ready and loaded we were on our way, first stop, King Island.

After a beautiful flight over the clouds in the sun King Island was in sight. Fortunately we received beautiful king island weather featuring sunshine and rainbows – perfect golfing weather.

King Island’s brand new multi-million dollar airport terminal was earning its keep as the influx of golfers arrived in search of coffee and a place to stretch their legs. The population of King Island just grew by 5%.

After an hour long bus ride to the northern tip of the island Cape Wickham was ready and waiting for the competition ahead, and our 80 golfers were more than willing to oblige.

Aussie sports personality and avid golfer Greg Blewett kicked off proceedings giving a rundown of the tournament and with a mountain of prizes to give away everyone was in with a shot.

After a solid round on the 3rd best course in the Australia and a quick stop at King Island Dairy to stock up on some premium cheese straight from the source everyone was more than ready for the evenings function ahead and the announcement of winners of the first day’s golf.

Pure South Dining from Melbourne served up some exquisite food including King Island’s fresh rock lobster, and eye fillet steak. Congratulations are in order to Lost in space for conquering Wickham with an impressive score of 121.

Next on the agenda is the 15 holes of the soon to open Ocean Dunes, we will let you judge for yourself but early reports are tipping that Ocean Dunes will be right up alongside Cape Wickham in the top 25 courses of the world.

So get some shut eye and we will see you bright and early tomorrow morning for an 8am Tee off at Ocean Dunes!